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D’Delicia Restaurant Inspires people to follow their heart and to indulge in the beautiful things in life: with people who are important to them, conversations that brings people closer to each other, and traditional dishes with local products of highest quality.

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If we had to describe the cuisine of D’Delicia Restaurant in three words, we would choose: down-to-earth, honest and provocative. Down to earth, because here you can expect good old traditional dishes and specialties from around the world. Honest, because we buy our ingredients from producers we know and trust, and some we even produce by ourselves. And if you want to know what makes D’Delicia provocative, you should come, and taste for yourself.

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at D'DELICIA RESTAURANT you can enjoy a peaceful dinner/lunch and discover a refined menu that features North Indian, Chinese, Italian and Mexican Dishes with our Chef’s special touch.

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